Toast of Brooklyn 2019

Happy 12 years to The Toast of Brooklyn.  All the drinking and eating happened on the 15th floor of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Building witb a breathtaking view of Dumbo Brooklyn.  All wines and spirits presented are located in various Nostrand Ave liquor stores in Crown Heights and other parts in Brooklyn. 

There two sessions – afternoon and evening. The first session had more wine and spirit samples than food samples with only 3 food vendors for general admin and 2 food vendors for VIP.  Food samples was finished by 3pm.  If you came at 2pm and did not seek out food first, you were pretty out of luck by the time you made your way to the few food vendors.

About 90 percent of the vendors that were for the the afternoon session  were not at the second session.  Different vendors took their places. The evening session had much more people and more food vendors. There were 6 food vendors for general admin. But the VIP only had 1 food vendor. But, all ticket holders were able to taste and enjoy enough samples of food and drinks.  

Not every chef and drink sponsor as advertised on the Toast of Brooklyn website attended the indoor festival.  But, the food samples were absolutely delicious. The chefs are truly excellent in their craft.  Honestly, you would not be disappointed to hire any of them to cater your event. The wines were unique and well-blended. If you were looking for wines  for your home or event, this was the festival to find them.  I was amazed how they tasted and very happy I can get it at my nearby liquor store. 

The DJ Dylan Dili was spinning the tunes of  Classics, Pop, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Soca, and Reggae. He had everyone two-stepping, swaying hips and  sweating out and digesting all the food and wine.  If you plan to come next year, sample food FIRST then go drink sampling. 

The Rum-Bar Rum and Trelawny Hampden Estate Rum Fire

Snacks (both sessions) DJ Cat’s Snack Remix


Pastry Chef Lavern White “Cakes by Faith” 

Red velvet, almond, and marble mini cupcakes, mini apple fritters, chocolate chip, oatmeal and sugar cookies

Codfish Balls with choice of 4 sauces – sriracha basil, orange, sweet chilli, mango salsa

Chef Baldwin Shields aka Johnny Baldwin (evening session)

Oreo Cheesecake 

Sorrel Cheesecake with Rum and Raisin Pie Crust

Chef Nadege Fleurimond  “Fleurimond Catering” (evening session) Black Rice Seafood Paella with Mushroom “Djon Djon”

Chef Jonathan Alexander (evening session) Chicken Salsa Tacos

Chef Yajaira Springer “KD’s Comfort Food” (evening session)

Wild Rice Salad, Rainbow Spring Rolls (romaine lettuce,cucumbers, red cabbage, bell peppers, mango, scallion, avocado, mint leaves) with Sweet Chili Mango Sauce, Regular and Shrimp Sesame Seed Mac & Cheese Balls, Mini Meatballs with buffalo and sweet & sour sauces, Mini Beef and Chicken Empanadas, Smoked Salmon Bites with cream cheese sauce, dill and capers

KP Customized Kreationz (VIP afternoon session)

Codfish Mini Balls and Fruit

Olive Flavor Pot

 Averil baked banana pudding with bourbon caramel sauce and her husband cooked Trinidad chinese food and ginger glazed oyster chicken with mixed vegetables

The Hills Restaurant (VIP evening session)

Pineapple patties, beef patties, fried pholourie balls with mango sauce, and ginger jerk wings


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