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Every female love the idea to have a girls night out on a sunny warm evening. Someone had let the genie out of the bottle and out came Everything Girls Love (EGL) who presented a Luxurious Girls Night Out at 404 NYC.  This shopping and pampering event was for the sophisticated, accomplished women  to leave the kitchen tools alone, get a babysitter if needed, put on the best outfit, find those shoes they always wanted to wear and get  out of the house for a night to treat themselves because they deserve it after dealing with their hectic lives. Wooo! That was a mouthful!

Ladies  waited on line  while vendors inside did their final touches to show off what they got in-store for their lovely guests. Slowly one by one, they entered the venue with their eyes lit as they looked around at the beautiful presentation set up for them.

First level was filled with jewelry, clothing, including a few tables of shoes, eye makeup, nail polish and desserts. The second level, ladies got little tipsy sipping cocktails made by beverage sponsor, AviÓn, Nicki Minaj’s MYX Fusions Moscato and Sweet Bitch Wines while they also previewed Bad Girls Club reality star,  Natalie Nunn called “From Bad Girl to Grown Woman” and more clothing and jewelry, including Dymes Only, an urban ladies wear made by Ashanti’s sister Kenashia Douglas,  Sakara Barnes & Elisa Burton.  Also, on the second level was the food bar. Now ladies, would you love to date a man that make your stomach say “Mmm Mmm good”? Well,  Chef Mike Valli from Atlanta, Georgia, looked sharp in his all black custom-made chef jacket,  prepared a mouthwatering dinner menu:

Grass-fed beef and turkey burger sliders topped with bacon, jam, Dijon, bibb lettuce, tomato, pickled onion served with Parmesan fries.

Succulent salmon fillet topped with crispy Asian Mayo on a toasted bun, served with Parmesan fries.

After getting a little loose with the cocktails, those who purchased  VIP tickets walk up the stairs to “Pamperingville” – (yes, I made this word up) – on the third level. Sponsor, Hands on Experience Party Spa, masseuses got the knots, stiffness and aches out of backs, necks, shoulders, legs, arms and tired feet.   Ladies who wished to get their eyebrows done, two eyebrow shaping stations was there to get them shaped up once and for all!  And what’s “Pamperingville” without treats.  Sponsor, Kofffi’s Jello Bar, offered complimentary jello shots. As Lil Jon would say, “Shots! Shots! Shots!…Everybody…!” Eight juicy flavors (diced pineapples, peach sangria, the big apple, jolly rancher, lemonhead, no worries, tropical rum punch, and reality check) got the ladies thinking “Hmmm what’s my flavor?” Slurping all eight flavors making a “jello long island ice tea” paired with sponsor, Pretty In Black Catering alcohol infused strawberries makes every woman real happy – (tip for the men). There were  chocolate covered strawberries rolled in cake crumbs, chocolate covered strawberries rolled in toffee popcorn, drizzled with salted caramel and sprinkled with bacon, red velvet strawberries and white chocolate strawberries. So relaxing and tasty in “Pamperingville!”

Between midway and end of the event, Jessica Betts winner of Missy Elliot’s “The Road to Stardom” in 2005, did a soulful, rich, acoustic performances (photos below). One of them was an acoustic version of “Sleep in the morning”. My Extensionz, EGL partner raffled 3 or 4 bundles of 100% virgin hair.  Guests swamped  to take pictures with Hip Hop video model, Kimbella as she made way to her vendor table – Kimbella Fashion Fetish. Pictures with Yandy Smith, hostess of the event and CMO of EGL, well that was a tough one. In other words, if you had the chance to take a photo with her, you MUST take it or wait a while before you get it again. Her love of her life, Mandeecee, came out to support.

The event couldn’t be complete without EGL Love Boxes. VIP ladies got  box full of goodies including being handed waist snatchers. Follow these Love Box Sponsors on instagram: @madamcouture @authortljames @gpguiltypleasurecosmetics @luxielush @sukarinc @msjanniesbaby @faceputtyprimer @pretzelcrisps @kingseshisha @frizzfreecurls @cocasupreme @piratebooty   @lovinmytextures.  Also, sponsor Dash Events photo booth made the ladies make any funny face expression they choose  with their friends or as a selfie.

EGL staff performed their roles well at the event. Have printed Eventbrite tickets at the door or show digital proof. No wristband with a white ticket, no entry to VIP floor. Don’t even think about using the other stairway because that was exit only. Wanted to delicious complimentary dinner menu, better have that yellow ticket. Oh, and for the press room, forget about it if you can’t even say what media outlet you are involve with independent or work for. Yes, definitely needed wristband for that.  Was bit of a zoo at times taking pictures of the celebs! Host Yandy Smith thanked her EGL  team for their hard work and holding her up when she needed a hand. Brava to the EGL’s event designer Elle’s Couture Events.   Until next time….


First Floor Vendors:
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 Second Floor vendors, sponsors and food/bar
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Third Floor  (VIP Pampering Station)
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