Ending Ebola and Building for the Future

Guests and performers filled the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC on Monday evening March 2, 2015. Television Personality of NY1, Cheryl Wills presented each speaker and performances of the night.  Statements and remarks were given about the Ebola crisis, the actions steps taken to help victims in Africa and suggestions to help make Ebola from happening again. The speakers were Samantha Power (Permanent Representative of US to the UN), Vandi Minah (Permanent Representative of Sierra Leone to the UN), Benjamin Chavis (former Head of NAACP), and Dr. Mohammed Nurhussein (National Chairman of United African Congress) to name a few.   Performers were Chieck Hamal Diabate and the Band, Artists With One Voice (collaboration by singers from  Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Cameroon and Mali), Etana (popular Reggae Singer from Jamaica who donated her song “Better Tomorrow” to the cause of the children orphaned by Ebola) and Independent Artists United  It was an informational and fun night.

Listen to a few of the speakers statements and watch performances below.



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